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CPX Closing Keynote

Sherman D. Webb-Middlebrooks

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sponsored by APEX Leader Growth

We are thrilled to welcome Sherman D. Webb-Middlebrooks as the CPX: Refresh closing keynote speaker, sponsored by APEX Leader Growth.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Explore ideas and collaborative ways to use art to advocate for change

  • Take stock of the new skills they have learned over the course of CPX: Refresh and how they can use those skills to make change in their communities

Sherman is currently the Director of Youth Development at The Foundry, a youth education, empowerment, and employment training organization located on the East Side of Buffalo. Previously, Sherman was a fellow with the Open Society Foundation where he created the WIN (We're Improving Now) Initiative, a program focused on youth engagement and leadership. Sherman is an experienced Clinical Health Worker who volunteered with the Community Health Network of Buffalo for many years, assisting with training and advocacy work. He has worked at a wide variety of organizations including Leaving Our Legacy, Gateway-Longview, Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers, and Riverside Boys and Girls Club.  His background includes health education, youth and schools-based work, residential counseling and case management, and teaching and training in a variety of community and professional settings.

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