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Unlocking Your

Brandon Williamson

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Brandon Williamson leads this interactive and joyful session where attendees will explore the value of using rest, downtime, and play as tools to generate refreshing ideas. Using hands-on activities, participants will uncover habits that prevent them from using incubation as a tool for creativity and business due to American cultural education, and Williamson will lead a discussion about ways to break those habits to expand the creative toolbox.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Find play and creative rejuvenation through speaker-led activities

  • Engage in conversations to expand the creative toolbox both for artists and for arts leaders

Brandon Williamson is a Creativity consultant, workshop developer and Creative Problem solving Facilitator. Brandon has a great understanding of the complexities of perspective in business. He is trained to conduct creative problem solving facilitations for corporate, not-for-profit organizations, businesses, athletic organizations, student associations and groups, youth groups, after- school programs, educational institutions, and community organizations. Brandon travels from Buffalo, to the Hudson Valley, and the Capitol region of New York State presenting to high school students the importance of education and choosing the path for the future they desire.

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