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Creating Systems That Support You

Ashley Johnson
(AEJ Create)

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CPX: Refresh is so excited to present Ashley Johnson and Creating Systems that Support You. Ashley is a visual artist, entrepreneur and creative business coach and works with clients on everything from carefully crafted CVs to website building. The workshop will incorporate some of the principles from her coaching business including how to build a supportive system and stay on track and organized when the workflow gets overwhelming.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Explore options for inventory, block scheduling and other organizational methods

  • Learn how implementing systems will create a supportive system that will encourage rather than impede their artistic process

Ashley Johnson (she/they) is a visual artist, entrepreneur, and creative business coach working in Buffalo, NY. As an artist with ADHD, she had to develop systems to keep her on track and organized. Due to the crossover between the neurodivergent community and creative business owners, AJ has found her place teaching other artists how to build their business for growth through systems that support them.

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