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Artist Brand Identity

Matt Low and Nicole Reinard
(Crowley Webb)

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Crowley Webb is a renowned Buffalo ad agency that works with local, regional, and national companies to establish and sustain truly differentiating brands. But what if you’re the brand? Nicole Reinard, an art director, and Matt Low, a writer and creative director, will be sharing some insights on how you can apply what they do – Crowley Webb’s branding principles and process – to what you do – your art and what makes it so unique.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Hear branding tips from one of the top marketing firms in the area

  • Learn how to craft their brand which can translate to more sales and traction

At Crowley Webb, Matt Low (SVP Creative Director) oversees all written-word operations at the agency. He does a fair amount of copywriting himself for traditional and digital media, and he gets deeply involved in strategic development for all clients.

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